For many looked after children, the stories that they need to understand are complex and painful: stories of violence, loss, illness, death, drugs and sexual abuse. These children need the adults around them to have had training and support in tackling these difficult issues. Life Story Work is a way to help children to make sense […]

Social Worker Stories

Carer By Name, Carer By Nature Prior to becoming a supervising social worker for Caring Hearts Fostering I was working as a social worker in a Local Authority for 8 years in frontline child protection, court proceedings and working with children in care. I’ve seen a lot and learnt a lot along the way and […]

Foster Carer Annual Review

So, it’s time again for the annual review. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this day to arrive with bated breath and maybe even a little trepidation in your hearts. Well, there’s no need to be nervous! It will go smoothly if you’re prepared (and that is what I am here for – to […]

Fostering Panel

Attendance at panels is a regular feature of fostering and for many, it can be a daunting experience.For most, their first experience of attending panel will be after their fostering checks and assessment have been completed. On this occasion panel members like to meet with prospective foster carers to get to know them a little […]

Anti-bullying! Top tips for Foster Carer

Currently, cyber-bullying has become a common phenomenon that is affecting millions of people worldwide. It is sad to note that many children and young people are suffering from the effects of bullying in all forms. The statistics on bullying cases have increased significantly over the years as well as the number of suicides resulting from […]

Fostering In London

Fostering in London can be a very rewarding experience, whether you are looking to do it on the side or full-time. It is an opportunity to help a child who really needs it and get paid for doing so. If you live in London, here’s how to get started!  There are many ways that one […]

Importance of effective matching

Effective matching is important for children’s future life chances because it can make a real difference to their well-being, relationships, and education. Give a child the right family environment and they are much more likely to flourish. Effective matching isn’t just for the children – effective matching plays a critical role in foster parent’s well-being […]