Foster care and all the benefits of providing a spare room

Foster carers and anyone who has ever enquired about fostering will know that the there is one precondition and that is to have a spare room for a child or young person. There are key benefits of having a spare room – quite apart from being part of the Fostering Services National Minimum Standards – […]

6 Steps to help a young person settle in the Foster Home

Here at Caring Hearts, we are passionate about seeing our fostering families thrive together, so we’ve put together these handy steps to help the young person you’re fostering get settled at home. 1. Get to know them First step is getting to know the young person you’re fostering before they move in will help you […]

Foster carers need to have certain qualities to look after children

Life equips us with all sorts of skills, but the attributes a foster carer needs are quite specific. People who go into fostering can come from all sorts of backgrounds: couples (married or living together), families, single people, and same sex couples. Fostering agencies look to recruit people from different ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds: […]

Foster care for teenagers requires some simple rules

If a foster carer understands the dynamics at work, responding appropriately becomes easier. Accepting that teenagers will behave in ways that are frustrating and very often exasperating will help. Knowing this happens because they are going through a period of confusion and uncertainty should elicit empathy: one of the most important skills a foster carer […]

What to expect from your background checks?

At Caring Hearts Fostering Agency part of our role is to recruit suitable and well vetted foster carers. In order to assess the suitability of our fostering applicants we carry out a number of background checks, as is required by the laws in which we work under. You will be fully involved in this process […]

What to expect from an initial visit to discuss becoming a foster carer.

To become a foster carer with Caring Hearts Fostering Agency you will need to initially get in touch with our team. You can either call us on 020 8810 6380 or email After having a conversation with a member of our team, if you continue to be interested in fostering, the next step would […]

Working while fostering

When it comes to fostering there are a few misconceptions, especially the fostering and working life balance. Yes, fostering does take up a large amount of your time and it is a big commitment. Now you must be thinking, does this mean I can’t continue working full time? Well, read on as we are going […]

Give a Home to Child Fleeing War

Caring Hearts Fostering is urging individually to help accommodate a child in need, a child fleeing war, unaccompanied asylum seekers, and refugees. All it takes is one spare bedroom in your home, providing the child with a loving and warm home. We need to stand together and offer as much help as possible. We at […]

Men are good foster carers too!

We usually feel when it comes to becoming a foster parent, it is a women’s role. However, we believe men can be good foster carers/parents and at the same time play a vital role for the child. Many children living with a male foster carer will be having their first positive experience of an adult […]

Emergency Foster Caring

What does emergency foster care involve? When we think of fostering, we tend to think long term placements, however, there are so many different elements to fostering. It is not just a long-term placement, in some cases, fostering can become an immediate short-term placement on a one-to-two-night basis. This is called emergency foster care and […]