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Why work with us

Caring Hearts Fostering is dynamic, motivated fostering agency that understands the importance of working as a team with the local authority. Our aim is to provide  high quality services and care for the children that are placed with us.

Training and support for foster carers

All our staff are qualified with a wealth of experience. We also recruit quality carers and make sure they undergo all necessary training. We also encourage all our carers to take part in further training in specialisms for their development and to benefit children in their care.

Placement Team – 24-hour service

Our Foster care placement team work together to ensure placements are well matched. The longer a child stays in the same foster household the more beneficial their stay will be. Our foster care placement team have full knowledge of our carers strengths and availabilities.

Here at Caring Hearts Fostering we offer a range of placements these can be seen below- Short term placements for children and young people who need to be looked after temporarily this is the most common type of fostering and it gives foster parents the opportunity to really make a difference during a time of immense change in a young person’s life this then leads to Long-Term placement Fostering here at Caring hearts we believe that all children and young people deserve a secure and stable family home. Long term fostering can give a child just that. Emergency Foster Care sometimes children need foster care in an emergency requiring a safe and secure home for short periods of time, these can happen any time of the day or night. Respite foster care placements for young people on a very short-term basis; anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Parent and child fostering we can offer specialist type of fostering where a parent or on times parents and their baby, comes to stay with you at a time when they need extra support in parenting successfully.


 Fostering sanctuary-seeking children also known as UASC can be extremely rewarding, as you provide them with a safe, stable home environment that they so need. We also offer step down placement as we believe all young people should have a secure family home this provision helps young people move from a residential unit to a stable and supportive foster home. At Caring hearts, we try to keep sibling groups together when they go into foster care so we always need foster parents who can care for siblings. Fostering a child with disabilities is so rewarding. At Caring Hearts, we provide the best training and constant support to help you care for a child in need.

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Here at Caring Hearts we provide extensive support to our foster parents
Whatever you need us for, we’ll be there Because when you join us, you’re joining our family; and
families look out for one another. We provide support for contact the young person is required to
have with their family, we offer support through our therapist we can assist with a variety of needs
you may have in relation to the young person you have in your care. Another way we involve
children is to organise events throughout the year. Along with locally held fun days and activities,
such as picnics, bowling, and theatre visits to name a few. We’ve created a positive and empowering
culture where everyone feels respected, valued, and able to contribute, one where we encourage
children and young people to get involved and have their say.
We offer staying put services where the young person can remain in the placement when they turn
18 with the foster parents, they have grown with ensuring a smooth transition to adulthood.
We also provide new foster parents with a foster carer ‘buddy’ – someone who has been through
the process themselves and has become a foster carer with us. They will have a unique point of view
and will be able to provide a different type of support.

Welcoming someone into a home can be daunting. We do everything we can to make sure that each
foster placement works for the fostering family, and for the child in our care. Our expert Placements
Team works tirelessly to find the right match for each child and young person that comes into our
care. Foster parents will always get to choose who you bring into your home.

Successful and stable placements improve life chances for looked after children. This is why we do
what we do, and why we are passionate about it!