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What is fostering?

Fostering offers children and young people a caring, stable family life when they are unable to live with their birth family at a point in time. Fostering is when a child is placed in an alternative family who are able to meet their needs. Foster carers provide stability, security and a positive family life for vulnerable children.

Children come into care from diverse backgrounds, cultural settings and with different abilities. Children and young people are looked after for a variety of reasons. The term ‘looked after’ is used to specify that the local authority is providing accommodation for children and young people.  Foster carers provide a room in their home that a child can call their own.

Who can foster?

Caring Hearts Fostering is committed to the recruitment of carers who share the agency’s goal of delivering exceptional standards of care for children and young people.

Caring Hearts Fostering will provide prospective foster carers with information in regards to fostering and the process in becoming a foster carer. We are ready to respond to any concerns or questions you may have.

Where an enquiry is taken forward, a detailed information pack will be sent out to you. Following receipt of the information pack, if you decide to continue the process.

Transfer to us

If you are a current foster carer with an existing agency and are thinking about transferring get in contact with our team and we will provide you with advice and explain the procedure outlined in the ‘transfer of foster carers protocol England’.

Transferring to Caring Hearts Fostering will be easy and without disruption to the children placed in your care.  Following the transfer protocol and in agreement with the local authority we will ease your transfer to us along with the children placed in your care. You will receive the same level of payment, expenses and service to support children in your care. 

Local Authorities

Why work with us

Caring Hearts Fostering is dynamic, motivated fostering agency that understands the importance of working as a team with the local authority. Our aim is to provide  high quality services and care for the children that are placed with us.

Training and support for foster carers

All our staff are qualified with a wealth of experience. We also recruit quality carers and make sure they undergo all necessary training. We also encourage all our carers to take part in further training in specialisms for their development and to benefit children in their care.

Placement Team – 24-hour service

Our Foster are placement team work together to ensure placements are well matched. The longer a child stays in the same foster household the more beneficial their stay will be. Our foster care placement team have full knowledge of our carers strengths and availabilities.

Foster care Training & Support

Types of foster care


Foster Carer Stories

Being foster carers for us was a journey that was something we loved to pursue in a sense to contribute in this society. However, we did not realise that foster caring was a possible way to do such a contribution until we met with Caring Hearts Fostering staff (CHF) who convinced us to think about. Discussing the issue with the house hold, and loving the idea by all the members of the family was another encouragement that we stepped forward. Going through the process with the Caring Hearts Fostering Social Worker was a lovely and encouraging experience with lots of supports. Furthermore, the support and help from the rest of the Caring Hearts Fostering members of staff, especially during the three days of the Skills to Foster Training was a real enhancement for our awareness to the crucial required skills for fostering. After approval of the panel and being foster carers, soon with the support of the whole team of Caring Hearts Fostering we had our first placement. All the pleasure and challenges of fostering a child give us a real test of a healthy family, and now more than ever we all appreciate the fact that how much we are blessed for being a sound and loving family that not only enjoying the family life, but also we can embrace a needy child for the love and the warmth of a family. Thus, being a foster carer is a quite rewarding journey that we encourage everyone that have capability to be a foster. We, also think it is our duty as families and individuals to contribute in helping our society in embracing those children who are in need for our help. It won’t be a difficult task as long as you are determined and have got a great help of Caring Hearts Fostering support behind you.
Shukriah & Mohammad
CHF Carers

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