In this blog post, we explore the process of fostering in London. We will discuss why people choose to foster and what is required when becoming a foster carer. Additionally, we will list some tips for fostering children with challenging behaviour and how to deal with difficult situations. If you are considering fostering in London then there is something in this article for you.

If you are considering taking on the responsibility of caring for someone else’s child or children who need support, it can be an intimidating prospect! But if you think about it carefully, learning how to help these young people grow up into happy adults who have overcome difficult circumstances could be one of your greatest achievements yet – not just as a parent but also as a human being.

Fostering can seem daunting and difficult at times but rest assured that you don’t foster alone. You have a whole team of professionals dedicated to support you through this journey. Becoming a Foster carer in London is a rewarding experience where you can care and support a young child by giving them care and a loving home.

At Caring Hearts Fostering we are committed to help and support all our Foster Carers in London by giving them training, support groups and allocated supporting social worker. As an agency we are also available 24hrs to answer any calls in case of an emergency. We dedicate our time in making sure our Foster Carers are taken care of.

The process of becoming a Foster Carer in London is simple and easy.

Step 1

Give us a call or fill our online enquiry and a member of our team will give you a call back.

We will initiate the enquiry stage by asking you some questions to see if you’re eligible.

Step 2

We will book you in for an initial meeting to get to know you further. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know us and go through any questions you may have about Fostering in London.

Step 3

We require for you to fill our application form and sign the consent form. You will also need to provide IDs for the checks.

Step 4

We will initiate stage one checks. This includes DBS, Local Authority and Medical check.

Step 5

We will assign you an assessor who will complete your form F

Step 6

You will be invited to complete a two-day training course called Skills To Foster (STF). This is to help you learn more about fostering before you are approved.

Step 7

You will be asked to attend panel. Panel members will ask further questions about your motivations to become a foster carer

Step 8

You will be approved as a foster carer by a decision maker. We will notify you within couple days from panel.

Once you are approved, we can start matching children with you and go ahead with making placements.

If you would like to Foster in London. Get in touch with Caring Hearts Fostering. You can fill our online form or contact us on 0208 810 6380 alternatively you can email to

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