So, it’s time again for the annual review. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this day to arrive with bated breath and maybe even a little trepidation in your hearts. Well, there’s no need to be nervous! It will go smoothly if you’re prepared (and that is what I am here for – to help you prepare). So let’s get started! First things first: make sure that everyone who needs one has completed their foster carer training certificates/qualifications and that they are up-to-date on their mandatory updates (you know… like deworming every six months, etc.).

The purpose of annual reviews are to help carers reflect upon their year and spot areas which are a cause for celebration or areas where they can improve. A range of opinions about the carers work over the year are gathered from their social worker, the child’s social worker, their friends, family and back up carers and other professionals. The carers themselves fill out paperwork to show how far they have come, and to confirm that their household is still safe.

If it is their first year, they also complete their TSDS workbook to evidence their growing knowledge of fostering.  Once all is complete, they meet with an IRO who writes a report with recommendations for the following year. This is then taken to a fostering panel so that the foster carers can be approved for a further year of fostering.

Annual reviews are an important part of foster carers’ work life. It is a chance to celebrate what has been achieved together and for the foster carer, it’s time to reflect on their own personal goals for next year so they can grow professionally as well as personally. If you need help with your annual review feel free to speak with your supporting social worker and they will guide you. You can always contact Caring Hearts Fostering for further information. Contact us on 0208 810 6380 or email

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