Currently, cyber-bullying has become a common phenomenon that is affecting millions of people worldwide. It is sad to note that many children and young people are suffering from the effects of bullying in all forms. The statistics on bullying cases have increased significantly over the years as well as the number of suicides resulting from such incidents. With more than one billion active social media accounts across different platforms, it becomes difficult for authorities to track down those who commit these crimes online.

However, at Caring Hearts Fostering, We’re committed to take a stand against bullying. We aim to celebrate difference rather than discriminate against it, because we understand that every child or young person is equal.

Know what bullying can look like

There are many ways that a child can be bullied by others:

Here are some top tips on how to stop child bullying:

Raise any concerns you may have with the child’s social worker or your own supervising social worker.

Explain to the child or young person you are looking after that bullying in not their fault and it will be sorted.

Bullying is never acceptable; and should be taken seriously.

Support the child you are looking after and work together. You can put together a plan to help sort out the situation. Make sure you inform the child of any action you wish to take.

Try to establish the facts. If bullying is online, save and copy images and text to show your SSW.

If the bullying is happening at the child’s school then contact the class teacher or the head to raise your concerns.

You can encourage the child or young person you are looking after to get involved in activities that build their confidence and self-esteem.

Remember – As a foster carer it is important for you to ensure the child feels safe. This may involve you acting as their advocate at school. It is important that you keep yourself informed and that you share any worries or concerns with the relevant people.

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