We usually feel when it comes to becoming a foster parent, it is a women’s role. However, we believe men can be good foster carers/parents and at the same time play a vital role for the child.

Many children living with a male foster carer will be having their first positive experience of an adult male in some cases. This will be giving them the chance to explore the development of trusting relationships and having contact with men who understand their needs.

Thousands of men are foster carers in the UK, either as part of a couple or as a single carer. Yet many men are discouraged from becoming foster carers as it has traditionally been seen as a female profession, and men are often believed not to want to work with children.

Fostering services do not always engage effectively with their male foster carers. Some male foster carers report that social workers only want to speak to their female partners about the children in their care, while others feel demoted at events and training which they think are geared towards women. Some men whose partners are the main carer also report that they don’t have access to training and other professional development opportunities, as these are often held during traditional office hours.

We believe that the role of men in the foster care system is essential. While it may at times feel overlooked, but the significance of having a caring, honest trustworthy man in the life of a child or young person is invaluable.

A male foster carer offering a stable, secure home with positive and warm communication could be the first step to recover from negative behaviour in a child’s past. Male foster carers will help to challenge the negative image many children and young people may hold of men they have experienced in their lives to date. In changing this image, they can help them to make better decisions when managing future relationships as they grow up.

The presence of a positive male role model in a child or young person’s life allows them to establish appropriate trust and safety regarding men. Living with a male foster carer can also shape the way children and young people view the male role in society. Showing them positive involvement in domestic and emotional challenges sets a strong example of how men can and should contribute.

If you feel you could make a difference in a child’s life and believe you could be a good male foster carer. Do get in contact with us, we will support you throughout your journey to becoming qualified.