At Caring Hearts Fostering we want carers who are:

A good foster carer is someone who will be effective in their role and are able to provide robust, safe, and settled placements for children and young people and can help them make good progress across a range of developmental measures, especially emotional and behavioural.

A carer who can provide warmth, empathy, and encouragement

Looking to see if the carer loves children, would they be able to listen and encourage the children placed in their care as well as be able to actively manage difficult and rejecting behaviour.

A good trait to have been being able to promote positive parenting and can work with the ABC of parenting setting the right tone and rewards and consequences.

As a foster carer, it is good if the carer can provide durability, resilience, And Commitment. “Resilience is a collection of characteristics and strategies to help a child cope with the effects of rejection, trauma, abuse and other diverse circumstances “(Resilience Theory, Gilligan -2009).

To do this, it is good if our carers have emotional strength and endurance as this will allow them to continue to foster a child for as long as he or she needs it. Being able to provide a placement for a length of time and avoid moves carers who will “stick” with children.

The Secure Base Model

At Caring Hearts Fostering we have a secure base model at heart of our recruitment, assessment, approval, and support of all carers.

During our initial visit stage, it is important that prospective carers understand the expectations of fostering in term of this model.

Dimensions of the secure base model include: