We need to renew some documents for foster carers every three year. These include medical reports, LA checks, and DBS police checks.


In order to renew your medical check, we will send you a form, which you have to fill in and send to your GP.  Please do this as soon as possible, as we are experiencing delays with medical checks. Your GP will probably ask you to make an appointment to carry out basic checks like height, weight, and blood pressure. Most GP’s will charge for writing your report. If you are already a carer with us, they should send their invoice directly Caring Hearts for payment.

LA Checks

In order to carry out checks on your local authority status (what the Local authority holds about you.), we need you to first sign a consent form to say that you are okay with these checks. We will send you a link to complete this when it is due.  When you have done this, we ask the local authorities to update us on any information they hold about you.

DBS/Police checks

When your DBS is due, we will send you your form, once you have completed your form, we need to see three pieces of ID. We will send you a document showing which pieces of are acceptable.  When we have seen your ID, we mark that we have checked it on the DBS platform. Your DBS will not be processed until we have done this. Once processed, you will receive a paper certificate in the post.