Our Journey as new Foster Carers

Being foster carers for us was a journey that was something we loved to pursue in a sense to contribute in this society. However, we did not realise that foster caring was a possible way to do such a contribution until we met with Caring Hearts Fostering staff (CHF) who convinced us to think about.

Discussing the issue with the house hold, and loving the idea by all the members of the family was another encouragement that we stepped forward. Going through the process with the Caring Hearts Fostering Social Worker was a lovely and encouraging experience with lots of supports. Furthermore, the support and help from the rest of the Caring Hearts Fostering members of staff, especially during the three days of the Skills to Foster Training was a real enhancement for our awareness to the crucial required skills for fostering.

After approval of the panel and being foster carers, soon with the support of the whole team of Caring Hearts Fostering we had our first placement. All the pleasure and challenges of fostering a child give us a real test of a healthy family, and now more than ever we all appreciate the fact that how much we are blessed for being a sound and loving family that not only enjoying the family life, but also we can embrace a needy child for the love and the warmth of a family.

Thus, being a foster carer is a quite rewarding journey that we encourage everyone that have capability to be a foster. We, also think it is our duty as families and individuals to contribute in helping our society in embracing those children who are in need for our help. It won’t be a difficult task as long as you are determined and have got a great help of Caring Hearts Fostering support behind you.



Shukriah & Mohammad