Becoming a foster parent can help improve the lives of many children. Not only does the child benefit from foster care, so do their parents and your family can also. Find out some ways that you can enrich many lives through this selfless act.
The most obvious person who benefits from fostering is the child you take care of. This is because you are typically getting him or her out of a bad situation.  Children need a place where they can feel comfortable and cared for. No matter what age the child you take in is, you will be helping him or her achieve their potential. Without good people fostering them, these children would likely be in an unsafe and uncaring environment which is no place for a child.
Becoming a foster parent can also benefit you and your household. It can be nice to know what a difference you and your spouse are making for children who do not have a stable environment to live in. In addition, children in this situation can teach families plenty, such as that they should be thankful for what they have. If you have children of your own, they may suddenly feel grateful once they see how difficult their lives would be if their parents were not around to care for them. In addition, if your goal is to eventually adopt, fostering can allow you to see what it would be like to welcome another child into your home and give you skills to adopt a child. 
Of course, you are also helping the parents of the child you are fostering.
If you are considering becoming a foster parent, these are the things you can look forward to knowing. You will clearly benefit several people with just one act. For this reason, if you are looking for ways to positively affect the next generation and many people at once, you should look into becoming a foster parent.