Fostering In London

According to government statistics on foster care there has been a significant decline in the number of applications to become a foster carer in the UK, in fact it fell by a third. This undoubtedly has detrimental consequences for the thousands of vulnerable children in need of a stable and nurturing environment.

Whether you are providing short term care or a long term placement, the significance of this cannot be underestimated. To appreciate this, we need to understand the severity in emotional trauma many of these children have experienced.

We now know from a scientific standpoint, children who do not form healthy attachments to their parents or those looking after them experience high levels of stress and anxiety. This, in turn, has an impact on how their growing brains develop.

7, 180 foster carers are needed this year alone according to the fostering network.  It is hard to fathom such high numbers of children with no hope and in need of love and care.

To pursue the route of foster care is to be of service to your society and future generations in ways we can only truly comprehend once the task has been undertaken. To say that by fostering a child is providing a temporary solution to a long term problem is doing grave injustice to the plight of our disenfranchised youth. You would be essentially saving lives.

64,000 children are currently living with foster carers in the UK. To contribute to the emotional growth and development of a child who has already experienced so much trauma is truly one of the noblest deeds and is highly rewarding.

A large part of our prisons in this country are filled with adults who come from broken families; individuals who if they had been given a better helping hand in their earlier development may not have channelled their fear and anger through crime.

We often view those children in need of fostering as those whose parents are drug addicts, alcoholics and on the margins of our society. But there are also those whom one parent has suffered an illness or become disabled and unable to take care of their children. There are long term placements as well as short term fostering. So the spectrum is vast, and easily adaptable depending on your time and space, irrespective of your financial circumstances.